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Medical Alert Devices 

Medical alert systems ensure that assistance arrives quickly in an emergency, and in some cases, medical alert systems can even save lives. These small, affordable devices are largely known for being useful in the event of a medical emergency, but in fact, medical alert devices can help in many different situations - an accidental fall, a home fire, a home break-in, and more. 

How it Works

When you subscribe to CareKeepers we will set up your monitoring account free of charge.  Our service is unique-we don’t simply have a 911 option like most services.  We can connect you with our knowledgeable support team that can help facilitate all of your care needs.

Call Center

24/7 Call Monitoring 

Monitoring specialists who are compassionate, precise and display your values as if they were their own.


GPS location

CareKeepers medical alert has enhanced GPS accuracy, so our care team can confirm your precise location quickly and get you the help you need, in or out of your home.

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Independence & Dignity 

CareKeepers provides peace of mind while in your home, outside or anywhere, allowing you to maintain your independence.  We can help you or your loved one feel more confident going out by themselves.

Medical Alert Devices

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