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enjoy working for great families!

Amazing Caregivers like you choose CareKeepers™ for the opportunity to:

  • Choose your rate!

  • Choose your schedule!

  • Travel any distance!

  • Receive the highest quality client matches!

The Benefits of being an independent caregiver

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No Agency Restrictions

Free yourself from any agency rules or restrictions. 

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You are in Control

  • Set your own pay rate(s)

  • Set your own schedule

  • Control when, where, and how you will work

  • Accept or decline any job referrals you want

  • Commute only as far as you choose

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Did you Know?

  • When you get to choose how, when and where you want to work, you will always be happier!

  • When you arrive to work happy, you will be a better caregiver for the client. 

  • A referral agency can offer back-up referrals to your clients in case you have an emergency.

  • All Clients are screened before any independent domestic caregiver is referred to them.

  • There are no task restrictions, you decide what’s best for you.

CareKeepers is a Domestic Referral Agency. 

We’re always accepting registration applications from independent professional caregivers.  If you’re looking for elderly care job placement opportunities, fill out the online registration.


We are always trying to find experienced, trustworthy, and kind caregiver professionals to refer to clients.  If you, your friends, colleagues, or family know someone that fits the description of an absolutely “Amazing Caregiver,” connect them with CareKeepers™ today.

client preferred Caregiver Requirements:

  • Clean Background Check

  • Yearly TB Screening

  • Drug Screenings

  • CPR / First Aid

  • Clean DMV History

  • Vehicle Insurance & Registration

  • Positive Elder Care Work References

  • 2 years minimum Professional Caregiver Verifiable Experience

  • 3 Personal References

  • Legally Work in U.S.A.

  • Skills Questionnaire

  • Character Analysis

Not Sure if You Qualify?

Call Us at (888) 388-6600 Today! 

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