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Comforting Hands

At CareKeepers, we offer a range of essential services designed to enhance the well-being and independence of seniors and individuals with needs. Our comprehensive offerings include top-notch medical alert devices, reliable transportation services for seniors and wheelchair users, and expert caregiver referrals through Care Services Contracted, Inc.


With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, our team is dedicated to helping families navigate the complex landscape of care options.

Our primary objective is to empower seniors to maintain their dignity and independence while ensuring their safety and comfort within the familiar surroundings of their homes. Through our tailored services, we enable seniors to enjoy the quality of life they rightfully deserve.


At CareKeepers, our mission is simple: to provide you and your family with the same level of care and compassion that we would want for our own loved ones. Your loved ones' well-being is at the heart of everything we do.


Medical Alert Devices

Every senior wants to preserve their independence, which can be difficult as mobility decreases with aging. However, by using an easy-to-use medical alert system, seniors can realize this goal more safely. 

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The caregivers we refer provide companionship and care in the comfort and safety of home. We know how important it is for many seniors to continue living in their homes, and we are proud to make that possible.*

*referral and placement services provided by

Care Services COntracted, Inc. 

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We know that maintaining independence is important – especially for those that don’t have the ability to drive. Access to transportation can also help maintain a connection with family, friends, and other loved ones.

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